Ms. Davis wants your child to join Artsonia!

Olin Consolidated School District has an online art gallery on Artsonia showcasing student artworks. Ms. Davis would like to post your child's artwork for public viewing and use Artsonia for other activities, but we need your permission in order to continue. We need to get your permission to activate these features on Artsonia.

By giving permission and creating a parent account, you can access additional features including …

· Viewing the artwork in the school art gallery

· Receiving notification of new artwork published

· Creating a "fan club" for the artist

· Approving comments left by family & friends

Ms. Davis will have all the information needed to give parent permission at open house. If you cannot make it to open house or you have questions please contact Ms. Davis, email

The slip will have the website information (, then you will need your child's screen name and parent code.

Artsonia is the world's largest student online art museum with over 50 MILLION artworks published from schools worldwide! Thousands of teachers, parents and students use Artsonia every day: teachers use it to manage school art galleries in a safe and educational manner, providing a positive and safe educational environment for students to showcase their creative works, developing students' pride and self-esteem and involving parents and relatives in student arts education.