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District Wellness


What is District Wellness

 The District adopted a Wellness Policy and guiding Regulations that emphasizes the whole person, a positive approach to living, and focuses on promoting a state of being healthy. Students and employees learn how making healthy choices and adopting a proactive “take care” attitude will positively impact school performance and the overall quality of life.

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Healthy Snacks

Parents are encouraged to pack healthy Tier 1 lunches and snacks and to refrain from including beverages and foods that do not meet the federally established nutrition standards for individual foods and beverages. 

Foods and Snacks 

● Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and related combination products and nonfat and low-fat dairy that are limited to 200 calories or less per portion 

● No more than 35% of total calories from fat 

● Less than 10% of total calories from saturated fats 

● Trans fat-free (<0.5 gm/serving)

● 35% or less of calories from total sugars, except for yogurt with no more than 30 gm total sugar per 8 oz. ● Less than 200 mg sodium per portion 


● Water without flavoring, additives, or carbonation 

● Low-fat (1% milk) and nonfat milk 

● Lactose-free and soy beverages are included 

● Flavored milk with no more than 22 gm of total sugars per 8 oz. serving 

● 100% fruit juice in 4 oz. portions packaged for elementary students 

● Caffeine-free, with the exception of trace amounts of naturally occurring caffeine substances

Together We Grow Healthy Kids
Health Emergencies

Each student must have a certificate of immunization or exemption certificate on file in the office. If proof of immunizations or exemption is not present on file, a provisional certificate may be issued, and the student has a 60 day period to obtain required immunizations. If failure to obtain immunizations in the 60 day period, will result in students not being able to attend school until the requirement fulfilled. Students who become ill or are injured at school should report to their teacher or main office. When appropriate or necessary, students will be given first aid or arrangements will be made to seek further assistance. The Board assumes no responsibility for the medical treatment of students. Injuries deemed to be of a serious nature would result in the parents being contacted as soon as possible. The person in charge will fill out an accident report form at the time the injury occurred. 

If a student must take prescribed medication during school hours, written authorization and instructions must be provided by the parents or guardians of the student and all medications must be left at the main office for disbursement to the student.

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