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Welcome to Our Mathematics page. Here you will find out more about our curriculum and assessments; as well as a link to Standards and helpful links for families.

Olin Consolidated School District provides students in grades K-6 with grade-appropriate mathematics instruction, including Math lessons, small groups, working with manipulatives, whole group instruction, and independent practice time.


Math classes are taught by:

Ms. Helmold

Ms. Heffernan

Ms. Payne​


Our Mathematics Curriculum

(Including Core programs as well as intervention materials)


Olin Consolidated School District re-evaluates our curriculum to make sure we are providing the best in education to our students. 


We are currently using Go Math! For K-6 mathematics instruction; however, we will be re-evaluating the curriculum in the next few years.

If you have any questions about our current curriculum or would like to hear more about how we will be evaluating our mathematics curriculum please contact us.


We monitor our student's mathematical growth and development; as well as offer support to students who need additional help with their math skills. Our assessments ensure your student is on the right track to succeed.

Assessments Given:


  • Unit/Chapter tests 

  • FAST Math

  • Fall-Winter-Spring

  • MAP Tests Fall-Spring

  • Spring ISASP Assessment

Math Class

Mathematics Assessments Given

  • ​Unit/Chapter tests 

  • FAST Math

  • Fall-Winter-Spring

  • MAP Tests Fall-Spring

  • Spring ISASP Assessment

Educational Toys

Our Mathematics Useful Links

Here you will find our link to standards for mathematics, as well as helpful links for families for additional at-home study:


Link to Standards:

Helpful Links for Families


* Math skills practice in a game format:

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